• Dr. Brad Popovich on Genomics at Quest

    Dr Brad Popovich

    Bringing Genomics Home – “Personalized Medicine: My Life Decoded”

    Free evening of conversation with Dr. Brad Popovich, Chief Scientific Officer at Genome BC. He will discuss personalized medicine and share the impacts of having his whole genome sequenced. Registration is required: www.genomebc.ca/squamish

    Tuesday, February 24th 5:30pm – 7:00pm

    Quest University, Quest Library

    3200 University Boulevard, Squamish

  • ‘Blue Barn’ on Squamish Oceanfront lands to construct test site for groundbreaking technology that captures carbon dioxide

    Blue Barn

    SQUAMISH, BC – A company that is a world leader in the creation of technology that captures carbon dioxide from the air is moving ahead with the installation of its first-ever pilot plant in Squamish, beginning this month. Carbon Engineering is one of a handful of companies globally working on direct air capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a finalist in the $25 million Virgin Earth Challenge. Read more…

  • Squamish added to “52 Places to Go in 2015″ by The New York Times

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    The New York Times, one of the worlds’ leading publications that reaches close to 1.9 million readers each day, is encouraging world travelers to visit the B.C. town of Squamish, making it No. 32 of “52 Places to Go in 2015”. Read this article by the Global News, along with a video interview with mayor Patricia Heintzman.

  • Aeriosa Films Stunning Choreography on The Chief

    Aeriosa Films Stunning Choreography on The Chief