Squamish Wind Festival for the Arts

Celebrating Five Years


    SQUAMISH, B.C. June 13th, 2018 - THE SQUAMISH ARTS COUNCIL is proud to announce
    the dates for the 5th annual Wind Festival for the Arts in 2018 from July 26th to 28th . The Wind
    Festival is an annual event that celebrates arts, culture and community through music, art
    shows, cinema, and more in Junction Park, downtown Squamish.
    Last year’s Wind Festival for the Arts marked a milestone for attendance with over 3000 people
    attending. As a free for all ages event, the Wind Festival for the Arts seeks to be Squamish’s
    most accessible way to interact with arts and culture in the area and has become one of the
    largest free festivals in the community.
    Highlights for this year’s festival include an open-air movie night, musical entertainment for the
    day featuring headliner Hey Ocean! , and an artisan market that will be double the size as last
    year. The festival has also received a record amount of support made possible by the
    Government of Canada and The Province of British Columbia in which the Arts Council
    gratefully acknowledges.
    “The Squamish Wind Festival for the Arts is an important event as it celebrates the artists in our
    community at all levels of ability,” says Sarah Symes, a local artist who designed the Wind
    Festival for the Arts new street banners featured in downtown Squamish. “True art comes from
    a place of vision and connection and I believe we can grow as individuals and as a community
    by supporting our most talented artists to lead the way.”
    After five years of running the festival, the Wind Festival for the Arts is a true pillar of the
    “This is an exciting time for Squamish Wind festival of The Arts," says Cydney Lyons, Arts
    Council Representative. “We started this event to celebrate both Squamish and BC's amazingly
    vibrant arts sector and to share it with our community. It's been an incredible experience to see
    how the festival has transformed and grown over the years and to connect with our passionate
    volunteer community to see this event come together."
    The Squamish Wind Festival for the Arts is a fun and unique way to experience art and culture
    in the city - all ages welcome!
    For full event details and how to get involved visit www.squamishwindfestival.com .

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