Squamish Porteu Cove Suba Diving

Squamish Porteau Cove Scuba Diving


Porteau Cove is a Provincial Marine Park in the magnificently scenic Howe Sound just 15km south of Squamish on Hwy 99. Established in 1981 Porteau Cove was the first underwater park in BC.

Porteau Cove is complete with a man-made reef, a cliff dive, three sunken ships and various other wrecks. The dive to the ships is 9 – 30 m depending on the tide. The waters here are moderately shallow and are often warm. The bottom is sandy with small rocks and a drop off after the reef.

Christie Inlet is a Federal Migratory Bird Sanctuary. This is a boat dive and to access it, you must launch at Porteau Cove. Once you take the plunge here, you will find a bottom with rock walls, mighty boulders and a few small caves at 3 – 6 m. Hazards here include broken fishing lines and a rapid current.

Pam Rocks is also a boat dive you can access via Porteau Cove. This dive is of interest to snorkelers as well as divers and is famous for the huge marine species that dwell here like the 3 foot plumose anemones. It has a rock bottom mixed with sand depths of 6 – 30 m. Again, hazards include broken fishing line and a rapid current.

These waters are ideal for divers of all levels and a fascinating way to discover the beauty that lies beneath our shores. Howe Sound is home to over 100 marine species, including eel, octopus, urchins, anemones, seals and of course, numerous varieties of fish.

Rental equipment is available from a local retailer. Check the Business Directory for details.

Squamish Porteau Cove Suba Diving