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Squamish Wind Sports

The Squamish Spit is located at the mouth of the Squamish River, where it enters the Howe Sound. It is considered by many windsurfing aficionados to be one of the top 10 windsurfing locations in the world. It has a consistent, southerly wind. In the summer when the sun shines, thermal winds blow, allowing wind surfers to reach speeds exceeding 60 kilometers an hour.

Novice windsurfers may perfect techniques on many of the local lakes. Alice Lake is great place for the beginner, as the wind here is mild. The best time to try your skill is on a hot mid summer day.

Kite Boarding
Squamish, without a doubt, is one of the most interesting places that you can find for kite boarding.

The local kiting community is “rock solid” with a strong dedication to the growth of the sport and the improvement of overall site access. The local Squamish Windsports Society provides a rescue boat and has staff on hand to provide information regarding site fees, safety regulations and proper kite etiquette.

This is the best spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing near Vancouver. The launch is from the rock jetty at the Squamish River. The southerly inflow wind is reliable and steady from April to October since it is generated by thermal gradients. Kite size is usually 12 meter. Windsurfer sail size is usually 6 or 7 meter. The water is flat with some chop but no waves. This location is staffed in the summer and there is usually a rescue boat service. A $10 day fee is charged, or an annual membership can be purchased. Wetsuits (4/3) are needed since the river water is cold.

Squamish is not a good place for learning either windsurfing or kiteboarding unless the tide is very low. Beginners who are blown downwind end up at the far side of the inlet (which can then mean a very long walk to get back). Squamish is a 45 minute drive north from Vancouver. Current wind readings are at 604 892-2235.

by Elliot English

Squamish Windsurfing Kite Boarding